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Environmental DNA expertise for biodiversity assessment

Our contribution



Be an actor in the assessment and preservation of biodiversity


Listen and help structures that can benefit from environmental DNA tool


Disseminate and teach the environmental DNA method



ARGALY is 6 years old!

ARGALY's adventure started in 2017...

8 new employees, a lot of motivating projects that reflect our values (more than 70 in 2023!) and inspiring meetings have marked these few years.

Road to 2024!

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December 2023


exhibition 2023

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ARGALY took part in the biggest exhibition for innovative environmental solutions in Lyon. Conferences, workshops and discussions between professionals: a great opportunity for us to spread the eDNA tool and speak about metabarcoding for biodiversity monitoring and preservation !

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October 2023

eDNA symposium

Aurélie BONIN went to Paris on the 28th of September after being invited to a symposium organised by the Académie d'Agriculture de France. Untitled "Environmental DNA and RNA : markers of life in ecosystems", she introduced some examples of eDNA applications in the field of agriculture. 

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September 2023


La biodiversité en effervescence


Le printemps est une saison charnière pour la faune et la flore : de nombreuses espèces sortent d’hibernation, d’autres entament leur migration, pendant que beaucoup s’attellent à la reproduction. Les espèces sont plus actives, ce qui signifie qu’elles laissent davantage de traces d’ADN dans leur environnement ! Cette saison de renouveau est ainsi propice à l'échantillonnage ADNe pour détecter et inventorier les oiseaux, poissons, reptiles, ongulés ou encore pollinisateurs. 

Alors prêt, feu... échantillonnez !

Mars 2024

Field demonstration

Eva and Héloïse attended a seminar in Toulouse that aimed to present the technological developments serving the scientific monitoring of protected areas. The technical and ethical potentials of innovative methods for biodiversity assessment were discussed. We also had the chance to do a field demonstration about eDNA sampling protocols !


November 2023

Démonstration terrain


scientific publications


We are glad to share with you our latest scientific references:

  • Pfendler S, and al. Differential effects of tree species identity on rhizospheric bacterial and fungal community richness and composition across multiple trace element-contaminated sites. Science of the Total Environment, under press.

  • Guerrieri A, and al. Local climate modulates the development of soil nematode communities after glacier retreat. Global Change Biology, under press.

  • Cantera I, and al. The importance of species addition versus replacement varies over succession in plant communities after glacial retreat. Nature Plants, under press.

  • Giachello S, and al. Toward a common set of functional traits for soil protists. Soil Biology & Biochemistry, under press.

October 2023

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