Our offer


eDNA analyses

We offer biodiversity analyses from soil or sediments for different taxonomic groups and diet analyses from feces or stomach contents.


We also establish your reference databases.

Research and Development

You wish to work from new matrices, on other taxonomic groups or develop other techniques?



Let's talk about it!

Field expeditions

We propose to carry out the DNA sampling in the field in a reliable and standardized way or to train you to do it. 

We can also perform the DNA extraction directly in the field!


For students and researchers in ecology and environment :


  1. A lecture course on eDNA (potential, limits and advantages)

  2. A  practical work with a case study and field sampling

  3. A tutorial with bioinformatics analysis and interpretation of the results



soil sampling

diet analysis


Analyses options

Taxonomic groups


  • In autonomy : You carry out the sampling after a training that we offer, or by following a protocol that we provide.

  • By ARGALY :We manage the entire sampling (strategy, shipping, sampling)

Type of samples

  • Soil
  • Feces
  • Sediments
  • Stomach contents
  • Carrion flies
  • Pollen
  • Others : contact us

Our working methodology

1.Initial phase
  • Discussion around your project
  • Conception of the experiments
A pilot study is an option
2.Field work
  • Sending of sampling kits
  • Field sampling
3.Laboratory work
  • eDNA extractions
  • eDNA amplifications
  • High throughput sequencing
  • Bioinformatic analyses 
  • Analysis report
  • Discussions around the results